How To Reach Your Goals

Goals are a great motivator. They help us focus our attention on relevant things, save us time and energy. To do this job right, a goal should meet some criteria, so it’s actually a real goal and not just wishful thinking.

Communication "Tricks"

Every dialogue you have leads to either understanding each other or talking about two different things. Sometimes we don't even realize the other person doesn't have any idea of what you were talking about.

How To Give Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is one of the things that makes us feel extremely uncomfortable to give. The strategy we mostly use with this is just avoiding it. Sometimes the topics become to pressing, that we end up taking a step towards approaching the person, to finally give the feedback. Many times we get just what we expected: it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

How To Change Your Conflict Perception

Conflicts are something we usually associate with something negative. We associate it with fightig, war and conflicting opinions. In a stabe relationship it's not a problem to have two conflicting opinions or to simply disagree on something. The part that actually lets a conflict arise are our emotions, interpretations and evaluations. It's the way that we handle the conflict, perceive and treat the other person. We can be appreciative and still disagree on something or just enforce what we want on the cost of the other person.  

How to Do a Job Interview - A Beginner's Guide

To prepare for your job interview, prepare in general: come up with the things you want to tell the candidate about yourself, the company, the team, how you work with each other and what kind of team members you want. Make sure everyone in your team is on the same side but don't copy & paste something that will sound insincere.